hypeForum 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Can any one make it combatible for newest elgg maybe =? I am not smart for that but would help alot members from elgg.org to update it.


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  • Narrowed the Search problem down a little further. It seems to be Group associated. When I deactivate the Group Plugin the search works fine - no fatal error. As soon as I reactivate the Group Plugin again the search causes the fatal error again.

  • "Can't find FULLTEXT index matching"
    ~> (MATCH (ge.name,ge.description) AGAINST...
    cannot find a *fulltext index definition for the mysql group field (name) being searched.
    the query *is correct, it is as if your database has lost the group's fulltext definition.
    check your phpmyamdin on (elgg_)groups table structure.


  • I will check the database for the group field. It is strange that this has happened in all 3 of our sites. It must be associated with something consistent that happened during all 3 upgrades from 1.8.8 -> 1.8.15 and the associated plugins. Would someone be able to provide me the (elgg_)groups table structure so that I could compare it to ours. I have 3 sites all with the same error. I do not have a good one so I'll need to compare.

  • no fix for the HyperForum yet ?

  • @iionly: thank you, i'll check that out. But, unfortunately this IS Elgg 1.8.15 (specifically Release - 1.8.15, Version - 2013030600).

    These are long-time databases that have ben converted from way back 1.+ to now 1.8.15, so I guess this could have cropped up anywhere, although it was working well, I'm fairly sure, in 1.8.8. Have been doing the conversion from 1.8.8 for the last several months getting all the plugins, etc, compatible, and I thought I was all done and ready to go, until this search thing popped up. I'll check github and see if it offers any hints. And I'd appreciate any other hints or directions to take. Thank You.

  • @Ron: typo by me. It should have been "1.8.16 will fix the issue".

  • @iionly, I just saw that it is 1.8.16 in the link you provided, but not being on top of all the elgg development, I'm not sure what I need to do now. I read the google groups discussion and I'm looking more closely at the github data info. What's my next move a) do I need to run the db script as described in the google group, upgrade to 1.8.16 (although I'm even sure if it is available) or upload some other fix offered on github? Sorry, for my ignorance, but I'm more of a elgg user than developer, so don't quite get the jest of how all this works. Thanks again.

  • @iionly, hmmm, if I'm understanding this, I see that cash made a fix on May 17. And it appears it was made to Elgg 1.8.15 2013051700, but the version I have installed is 2013030600. So, then how do I get the more recent 2013051700? 

    I downloaded the 1.8.15 from the elgg website again but I find that it is still 2013030600 released on April 26 before this May 17 update.

    Still trying to figure out next step.

  • 1.8.16 is not yet available. It's supposed to be released within the next 2 weeks. If you can live with the issue for this time I would suggest to wait until 1.8.15 will be released - especially when you say you are more an Elgg user than an Elgg developer. The missing fulltext indexes will be created via an update script when you upgrade your site to 1.8.16.

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