hypeForum 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Can any one make it combatible for newest elgg maybe =? I am not smart for that but would help alot members from elgg.org to update it.


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  • Amazing... thanks it works perfect.

  • Hi Ismayil,


    if we reply a topic we get this error message: Exception #1369371274.


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  • I have another question if I may ask.


    is it possible to add move topic feature and also lock topic option please in the next release maybe.


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  • This error by reply any topic. also error by edit topics or forum catergorys.


    Fatal Error.

    Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.

    SecurityException Object
    [message:protected] => Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.
    [string:Exception:private] => exception 'SecurityException' with message 'Redirect could not be issued due to headers already being sent. Halting execution for security. Search http://docs.elgg.org/ for more information.' in /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/lib/elgglib.php:150
    Stack trace:
    #0 /home/user/public_html/domain.com/mod/hypeForum/actions/edit/object/hjforumpost.php(7): forward('http://domain...')
    #1 /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/lib/actions.php(98): include('/home/user/pu...')
    #2 /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/handlers/action_handler.php(20): action('edit/object/hjf...')
    #3 {main}
    [code:protected] => 0
    [file:protected] => /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/lib/elgglib.php
    [line:protected] => 150
    [trace:Exception:private] => Array
    [0] => Array
    [file] => /home/user/public_html/domain.com/mod/hypeForum/actions/edit/object/hjforumpost.php
    [line] => 7
    [function] => forward
    [args] => Array
    [0] => http://domain.com/forum/view/4880/site-editor?__goto=4881#elgg-entity-4881


    [1] => Array
    [file] => /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/lib/actions.php
    [line] => 98
    [args] => Array
    [0] => /home/user/public_html/domain.com/mod/hypeForum/actions/edit/object/hjforumpost.php

    [function] => include

    [2] => Array
    [file] => /home/user/public_html/domain.com/engine/handlers/action_handler.php
    [line] => 20
    [function] => action
    [args] => Array
    [0] => edit/object/hjforumpost



    [previous:Exception:private] =>

  • Pala: We haven't used the hypeForum yet, but we are interested and will begin evaluation and test in the next few days. In regard to your fatal error, we had the same exact thing happen in our test site and we never could verify it in our production sites. It's a very strange situation, it only happened when we ran upgrade.php.  So, what we did, and I suggest you try the same thing, we turned off all plugins not related to the standard elgg. The upgrade.php ran fine. Then we turned them back on one at a time. We eventually narrowed it down to the tracker plugin. When the tracker was activated, we got the error, when not, the error went away. So we messed around trying to narrow it down further - remember, we did not get this error in our production sites, but only in our test site. So something strange was happening there. Anyhow, we are using hypeStyler, and oddly enough when we did some new styling, somehow mysteriously the whole thing fixed itself. We were again able to run upgrade.php without getting the fatal error.  I have no idea why it was fixed and I have no idea why we had the problem, but by messing around doing very things, it just fixed itself.

    I know this isn't much help, but I thought I'd pass it on so that you knew you were not the only one that has ever gotten this fatal error.  We are eager to try out hypeForum so if we get the error you have, I'll report back and let you know.

  • so just dissable all plugins ? And enable them without use upgrade.php and it should work after ?

  • Pala:  No. Disable the plugins to see if you can narrow down to see if any of the other plugins conflicting that cause your problem. They may or they may not. But unless you try, you won't know. This is just to narrow down why you have the problem, you may or may not learn anything. I usually run upgrade.php after I make any changes, especially adding new plugins, etc.

    So, I'm not giving you a solution, I'm just offering some things you may try to narrow down if there a conflict with all the plugins you are using. When you narrow down your problem, it helps dvelopers like Ismayil learn what may be causing the problem so, if necessary, they can fix it. If you learn that by dissabling the plugins makes no differece and you still get the error, that's useful information too.

  • I doubt this has anything to do with anything here, but I just realized that we're getting these Fatal Errors when typing anything in the Search box. This happens on our test site and our production sites. We've been forced to deactivate the Search plugin. We've tested with all plugins off except the standard stock plugins. Same Fatal Errors.  Is anyone else having any problems with Search with 1.8.15?

  • ' ...due to headers already being sent... ' ?
    cannot be caused by search-box data input/s...!
    there is no mystery about the 'headers...  sent' ;
    it's simply a situation where some spurious characters
    may have been inrtroduced in a script file,
    usually some random or unintended whitespace;
    unintentional edits, css, invisible bom chars, something, another..
    e.g. <?php or ?> pre-post patched with blank/s at the wrong spot. 
    i've tested search box input in 1.8.15.. no issues..!
    it just either finds or does not find the targetted text.


  • The Fatal Error I get during search word enteries is not "due to headers". It is one of two things...


    Fatal Error

    Can't find FULLTEXT index matching the column list

    QUERY: SELECT count(DISTINCT e.guid) as total FROM elggentities e JOIN elgggroups_entity ge ON e.guid = ge.guid WHERE (MATCH (ge.name,ge.description) AGAINST ('test' )) AND ((e.type = 'group')) AND (e.site_guid IN (1)) AND ( (1 = 1) and e.enabled='yes')


    OR I get the follow message at times too ...

    Fatal Error

    Exception #1369521592. [this number changes]

    (this is the same kind of error Pala was getting above)


    And also, TAG word searches work perfectly. The Fatal Error message only appears when I enter a word into the search field.

    And also, I found that if place quotes around the word I want to search in the search field, the Fatal Error does NOT occur.

    For example...

    1) Tag search of the word -- test -- works perfectly

    2) Entering the word -- test -- into the search field issues the Fatal Error message

    3) Entering the same word with quotes around it -- "test" -- works perfectly

    I have deactivated all plugins except the standard elgg plugins. Same problem. I am contacting Ismayil to see if by chance this problem has anything to do with his hypeFramework.



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