hypeForum 1.8 for Elgg 1.8

Can any one make it combatible for newest elgg maybe =? I am not smart for that but would help alot members from elgg.org to update it.


Best regards,


  • No, it uses the hypeframework which has become quite unmaintainable and Ismayil is pretty much the only person that knows how to use it.  I recently upgraded a site that was using HypeMaps but was getting fatal errors everywhere due to changes with the caching.

    A much more maintainable approach would be to build a new one from scratch, or at least decouple the existing forum from the framework.

  • Yeah but he dont continue :(( and this forum looks nice . Is there no ohter alternative ? Some one can work on? Maybe phpbb2 intergration with just eneable a plugin? Or another forum? I searched alot but could not find anything usefull.

  • Maybe you should try to contact Ismayil. We are using hypeFramework with elgg 1.8.15 and we are very satisfied with his support.

  • Can you send me the moded files then ? Also of the forum? Please. 

  • Pala, I'm sorry, I don't have the right to send any files. We are a paid member of Ismayil's group and these files are part of that. You'll have to contact Ismayil directly.

  • Can you give me link to him ?

  • Hi Pala,
    As Matt has mentioned, the framework grew out of hand and became unmanageable. I am currently overhauling the framework. It will not be forward compatible, so I am waiting for all the plugins to be updated before release. But I guess I can release the updated versions via github. Give me a few days.

  • ooooow yeah that would be very amazing.. my site is based on free no profit but a forum is nessary to organize my guild. Would make me very happy and alot other members from elgg.org too.

  • any news already ... maybe?

  • The latest hypeFramework, hypeForum, hypeGallery, hypeMaps are in the master branch of my git https://github.com/hypejunction/

    Note that 1.8 versions of plugins are not compatible with the 1.9 hypeFramework. I trying some tricks to make them work, but I think my time is better spent upgrading the rest of the plugins.

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