The group- topic access right really confuses me.

The group- topic access right really confuses me.

 the member-only topics:

One closed group: everyone can see it on river.

Another closed group: only member can see it on river.

It's a annoying thing bother me this week. and I also tried to reupload all the Elgg files, problem is still there.

I just don't understand what controls access right? Is it stored in the database? and cannot be changed?


  • Maybe it's because the content from the different groups are set with different access levels? I'm not sure, but maybe if you have a closed group and set a topic to "public" or "all members" then anyone can see it on the river. Just a thought.

  • @Nospheratt: No. It's a closed group, and member-only topic.

    I tried to edit the group and topic access right again and again, "private" and "friend" keep hiding. "member only" nerver hides.

  • Access control is stored in the database. The group has access and the individual forum topic has an access level. You'd have to determine what those are set at to determine one is going to the river and the other isn't.

  • It's possible that the river item access is set only on creation (changing the access on a forum topic might not change the access of the river item).

  • Cash, before I install your upgrade, every login user can see member-only topics. and now I got different result in two groups with same setting.

    for example:

    group A and group B are both closed, post a member-only topic the both two groups.

    and the result is: every login-user can see the group A topic, the group B topic is hidden for not member.

    After install your new upgrade, the new group is ok. I want to know if I can edit the database via phpmyadmin to change the old groups access right?