Extending Elgg with a PHP framework?

If one wants to customize elgg  pages or a site, are there any PHP frameworks that are particularly well or badly suited to working & playing well together with elgg?  I'm looking particularly (but in no particularl  order) Zend, Symfony, PHPCake, and CodeIgnitor.

Does anyone have any experience with these frameworks (with or without elgg) -- any opinions you would like to share?


  • Well in fact, Curverider looked seriously at developing Elgg 1.x using PHPCake and later Zend. They ended up throwing away quite a bit of code and starting from scratch after the experience convinced their developers that these frameworks are top heavy and did not do quite what was needed.

    Elgg 1.x is in fact a framework as well as an app. It is intended to be a simpler stripped down version of many of the frameworks you mentioned with quite a bit of the same functionality. So I think adding a framework to Elgg would be a bit like attaching a trailer to a sports car. You can do it, but don't be surprised if people laugh at the result!