group invitation on messages side bar

Hello everybody, I'm trying to add in the messages side bar the group invitation entity.
I'm using elgg 1.8.15 with "group tools 2.5" plug-in in addition to the embedded "Groups 1.8" plug-in.

Trying to find the code is driving me crazy, of course I've first looked for plug-in and couldn't find any.
Could anybody suggest a plug in or some coding to do so?

  • I found it! I found it!

    I uploaded the "Friends Request 3.3"plg-in then added this code in the it's start.php :

                //add menu item groups in page messages
                $userguid = get_loggedin_user()->guid;
                $url = "groups/invitations/".$page_owner->username;
                $invitations = groups_get_invited_groups($userguid);
                $invitation_count = count($invitations);
                    $extra = " [" . $invitation_count . "]";
                } else {
                    $extra = "";
                $menu_item = array(
                    "name" => "groups",
                    "text" => elgg_echo("groups:invitations") . $extra,
                    "href" => $url,
                    "contexts" => array("messages"),
                    "section" => "groups"
                elgg_register_menu_item('page', $menu_item);

    I hope this might help someone!