I can no longer change my widgets.

Do Not know how or when, but I must have changed something because now I cannot edit my widgets. Any advice?

  • Which version of Elgg did you upgrade to? Is it already Elgg 1.8.15? Are you sure that the AU_sets plugin is causing the problem? If you are on Elgg 1.8.14 currently it could also be another plugin that causes the problem and you only notice it with the AU_set widgets.

  • also, it's more helpful if you tell us what the error message is

  • We have upgraded to Release - 1.8.15 (Versión - 2013030600)

    I don´t know if the problem is AU_sets, javascript, core Elgg or widget manager.

    I could see that Widget Manager works properly when adding widgets to the user/group profile, but when adding widgets to a pinboard I get the error message "We could not add your widget". Curiously, I can add widgets to any pinboard when logged in as the platform admin, but then these added widgets do not can be seen by a regular user.

    Thanks for your help

  • I cannot delete my Pinboards either. I receive the error message "Could not find the Pinboard". It sounds so strange!!!