lang attribute for multilingual content

I am working on a site that serves users from at least three languages. When a user is multilingual and wants to provide content in multiple languages without creating separate objects, is it possible to do this with the existing framework?

I have made an attempt to do this on my profile using the <lang> attribute in a p tag. My hope was that users would see the text in the language they selected as their default but instead, both paragraphs show up.

It looks like the attribute itself is not being clipped by kses or TinyMCE. Maybe it's a syntax issue? Any thoughts on this?

  • Be simplier - in UTF8 page (and only on UTF*) you can just use different languages on single page.
    - Write text in natural language and you can see it and read it
    - Schreiben Sie Text in in einer natürlichen Sprache und Sie können es sehen und es lesen
    - Γράψτε το κείμενο στη φυσική γλώσσα και μπορείτε να το δείτε και να το διαβάσετε
    - Escreva o texto em de linguagem natural e você pode vê-lo e lê-lo

  • But doing so could mean some insanely long posts and lots of scrolling to find one's appropriate language. Using the lang attribute is meant to simplify display.