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I am doing a research study that involves creating a website that small business owners can acess and post their stories to one another. However, I do not want them to create accounts, simply just to leave their initals. These owners are IT deprived so they are not tech savvy. The website will contain online tutorials and the ability to share stories.

I want the users to be able to access the tutorial files and stories without signing in, however i want myself to have administrative rights (being able to delete spam or remove 'bad' stories). Can elgg provide me with this? Just one admin account in the background, but everyone else does not need an account? If not, any other tools up for suggestion?

Thank You

  • It can be done, but would need some work.  Content does need to have a valid owner, you could create a default user that becomes a default owner of everything, or you could have the site itself own everything.  You'd have to overwrite the logic for many of the actions.  Not trivial in scope, but certainly doable.

    I would imagine with such a setup you'd be hit with spam *very* hard though...

  • Spam has certianly been an issue addressed. Do you beieve spam would arise if i do not market the website? I would simply just give the website URL to 30 business owners to use.

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