Lossing all the pluggin settings and the eidted profile fields

Dear friends i am on elgg v1.5. i am having a strange problem that all my pluggin settings and customised profile fields are getting losted in 2 days. Any help appreciated.

  • Well, I double checked every single file in the chat plugin and didn't find "private_settings" anywhere. I'm not a coder, so I can't say if the files have anything else that could be related to the issue.

    I'll ask Jeroen to take a look at this thread, maybe he can clarify whether this is possibly related with his plugin or not.

  • @Nospheratt and all the others: The plugin name of our ElggChat is elggchat and not just chat, so i guess prem uses another chat. Besides that our ElggChat plugin isn't doing anything strange. We use all the default functionality of Elgg and we don't write our own queries on the database.

    I've seen this behaviour before on our development installations (even before we started to develop the chatplugin). Maybe the cronjobs from the garbage collector are too aggressive? I'll keep an eye out if it happens again.

  • I've also looked at the ElggChat plugin and it seems very well coded, doing nothing unusual with the Elgg API. The garbage collector is an interesting possibility. I'm looking at that now.

  • I've just installed the latest version of Elgg from SVN and the garbage collector seems to work just fine.

    I do notice a key difference between Elgg 1.5 and the version in SVN, however.

    Elgg 1.5 has the line:

    $plugins = get_entities('object', 'plugin');

    in the function find_plugin_settings (in engine/lib/plugins.php).

    As any Elgg developer who has been burned by get_entities functions knows (and I am among them!), these functions by default only return the first ten entities. In this case, if you have more than 10 active plugins, attempts to determine their plugin settings will sometimes fail mysteriously.

    This problem has been fixed in SVN.

    The line is now:

    $plugins = get_entities('object', 'plugin', 0, "", 9999);

    You might try that and see if it helps.

  • @Jeroen Thank you so much for taking the time to come here and answer.

    Don't get me wrong. I think your plugin is very good; I just thought the settings issue could have something to do with it because it started to happen the day I instaled Elggchat. I thought maybe there was a conflict with another plugin, or something like that. I'm not a coder, so I don't know exactly how plugins work togheter, and that's why I asked.

    I don't know much about cron either, I'm still learning, but I'll look into that as well.

    Thanks a lot for your input. :)

    @Kevin You are a master. I do have more than 10 plugins with settings. What you're saying makes total sense.

    I'll apply the fix and see how it goes. If the settings don't disappear for, let's say, a week or two, I'll come back and report the success.

    Thank you so very much. I'm really grateful for your help and assistance. If you ever come to Uruguay, I'll pay you a beer. 

    @jeroen, same goes to you. :)


  • @Nospheratt did the tip fixed the problem? cuz i got the same issue

  • Hi Kevin,

    Here's the procedure to make plugin settings go wild, if you can't replicate, i'll do a video to make it easier.

    You need 4 plugins:


    Procedure is as follows:

    1) Change the frequency parameter in logrotate and save.
    2) Change anything in event_calendar
    3) By now, Izap_videos lost its settings
    4) change anything in izap_videos and save
    5) After saving Izap, Site Access looses its settings (walled garden listing for example)

    So this makes it even worse, because there is a chain damage effect.

    The GUID Tool shows these elements:

    [GUID:2554] ElggPlugin plugin izap_videos
    by Uddhava dasa 5 minutes ago [Export Delete]

    [GUID:2553] ElggPlugin plugin event_calendar
    by Uddhava dasa 5 minutes ago [Export Delete]

    [GUID:2552] ElggPlugin plugin logrotate

    Then, after everything is lost, you can delete the izap_videos in the GUID tool , and your siteaccess settings are recovered (and izap settings lost again).


  • @Uddhava dasa

    I believe that I identified the problem above. There is a bug in Elgg 1.5 that causes Elgg to fail to manage plugin settings properly if you have more than 10 plugins installed. Curverider has already fixed the problem in SVN. If you don't want to wait for the next release, I suggested a fix myself above.

  • Ah Kevin ! Thanks for the help. It was a really weird bug to find.