Someone referred Elgg - is this the right package?

Hey!  My friend and I are setting up a social networking site, and have been looking at Drupal, VLDPersonals and Boonex.  However today someone recommeneded far looks interesting.

Briefly, we need the following things in addition to what I see Elgg can clearly do:

1) community members can post request and/or job listings to the community

2) general job board

3) classifieds

4) ad program - like facebook - users can click a button and choose from ad templates to run ads to different demographics on the site (based on profiles).

I realize that we are going to have to do custom work on any package, but we're trying to make the right choice the first time.  I have a spread sheet with detailed requirements and mockups if anyone is really bored. =)

Any feedback appreciated - THANKS.