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Hmmmm Just wondering and I really haven't got my head around this yet But i keep thinking about elgg and the iPhone mobile/cell thing.

I was just wondering could elgg handle 2 domain names with 2 different views working off the same DB. I know there is a mobile/cell group on here but i haven't seen any code so I'm not sure what direction they are going in What I was wondering is could a member sign in to 2 different elgg installs (obviously at different times) depending on his method, that pointed to the same DB? If so Then why couldn't we just build a new theme for the  and have a normal one for the I'm sure it couldn't be that simple or someone would had done it

am i barking up the wrong tree here?

  • hee hee ;-)
    give me some time to dig up my notes on that phone views thingy
    if i remember right.. you'll be re-doing *every view to cater for iPhone
    and there's a little tag up in <head> which specifies that mobile view to target...
    You night want want to touch base with Pedro Prez -
    I believe he is the only one known to have a working iPhone Elgg site...
    You'll have same domain, same install, same db, etc, only need to * cater for different **views**
    Look at the view-source to see the code such as

    <link rel="meta" type="application/rdf+xml" title="FOAF" href="" />	
    need something like that for mobile or whatever the tag is named...
  • What i was thinking is that a mobi user could only access certain things like registration, login, messages, message board, and the wire so that way they could stay in touch when they are on the move

    Thanks I'll have a look at that

  • sure

    it just means you'll have less views to modify

    e.g. phone view for menu will only give a few options and so you'll only need to re-code those few views which is far less work than trying to re-do the whole site's. but you will have to wait until i can locate my detailed research notes again. it's been some weeks.. maybe 2 mnths. I was just reading and learning, but never thot to really code all that stuff..

    Try messaging Pedro for some hints rer: the <meta> tags needed. If he can take some minutes off from his 2x  project troubles this week..