Portable elgg on USB stick

Hello to all,

i have installed xampp portable on my external hdd and then installed elgg also. After working pretty fine with it (setting up plugins, themes etc) i put it on another pc in order to check its portability, because this is the way i want to use it. So i started the xampp control panel and all went well until i realized that my external drive was given a different letter from windows than the one i was working-setting it up. I had the F: letter and now it is G:

The problem is that the site appears with the login page but it says that the login action file was not found...

Any ideas please???

  • I don't know that there's anything you can do about that other than updating the datalists with the new paths...

  • And the next time you use it on your machine, just change the driveletter to G:

  • I found it and it's kinda tricky. Here it goes...

     Before starting the installation of XAMPP and ELLG:

    • Changed the drive letter of the USB device to P: (any letter would do after K for me)
    • Downloaded xampp lite and extracted the zip file at the stick, folder xampp
    • Downloaded elgg and placed it in the folder htdocs.
      So far so good, a usual install of elgg
    • After creating the DB on phpmyadmin, i started the elgg installation procedure from the browser.
    • When everything was done and working i stopped the server and created a new folder in the xampp folder called xampp and placed everything there. Now the whole installation of xampp and elgg are in P:\xampp\xampp.
    • Then used a command line script to prompt the user with the current letter the usb stick is mounted to his computer. After typing it and pressing enter, the DOS script uses the subst command to substitute the entire folder of the drive (say g:\) with the letter of my choice (in this case P:). the Command is: subst P: G:\xampp
    • After this command the drive letter P: contains just a folder (xampp) with the whole installation! BUT the datalists table in elgg shows that exactly path! This happened because before installing it i set the drive letter of the usb stick to P: in my computer.

    Here is the start script i use:

    @echo off
    set /p drive="Enter drive letter: " %=%

    subst P: %drive%:\xampp
    start http://localhost/

    Here is the stop script:

    @echo off

    subst P: /d

    The last line is used to release the drive letter P: from your computer.


    Associates a path with a drive letter. Used without parameters, subst displays the names of the virtual drives in effect.


    subst [drive1: [drive2:]Path]

    subst drive1: /d


    drive1: : Specifies the virtual drive to which you want to assign a path.

    drive2: : Specifies the physical drive that contains the specified path (if different from the current drive).

    Path : Specifies the path that you want to assign to a virtual drive.

    /d : Deletes a virtual drive.

    /? : Displays help at the command prompt.