Payment Gateway

I'm looking into an enhancing a set of payment gateway routines using as well as paypal integration. is fine for larger volume transactions because they seem to have higher fees, whereas paypal is much more affordable for lower volumes - i.e. smaller user-base sites. comments ?

  • I have added Google CheckOut to my To-Do list for this.

  • PayPal is nice and all, but I think integrating Google CheckOut would be where I would focus my time (if I had any). 


    How many projects do you have going right now??

  • PayPal and Google CheckOut have similar ( lower ) fees.

    CCBill which some people have mentioned elsewhere - I have not looked at yet.

    I think that most people would be more or less happy with PayPal and Google because of the lowers fees.

    I'm trying to design a newer interface called "Payments" where Users can -- Look up their Account, Make a Payment, Buy a Paid Site Feature, Send Admin Email regarding Payments.

    Also to-do is a means for Admin to make a PlugIn, Widget, Group, etc a "Paid Feature".


  • This could be a great way to earn a few pennies to help development of a site.



  • @Phil

    "pennies" LOL ;-) I think you oughta be saying dollars, euros, pounds, etc because you know we "developers" ( people like you and me ) ain't cheap ;-)


    "How many projects do you have going right now??"

    I just realized that I did not answer yr question.. however i do not fully understand.

  • I didn't mean projects as in "paying projects."  I meant projects as in "personal plugin projects - personal elgg customization projects."


    You have a lot of great thoughts - sometimes you post so many ideas that I was wondering if you actually have time to code them all (or any of them).

  • ;-)

    now i understand..

    you are right ! i post too many and no.. i do not have enough time follow thru sadly. but i do try on some that might be useful. in between doing (some) charity work, some helping friends, some cheaper commercial work ( b/c i feel sometimes sorry for people who want features but cannot pay very much ) and some rather very good client$, i just do not find much time left to do the really interesting projects that catch my eye...


    i dropped my ibm mainframe f/t job last year to work exclusively with elgg and web related projects ;-)

  • i am preparing a demo skeleton of the *new Payments PlugIn... very very different from my first cut

    i re-designed my original code because I wanted something more generic that could control *any plugin / *any widget -- not just a few hard-coded ones..

    i'm trying to cater initially for paypal, google checkout and

    here's a teaser screenshot from my dev pc


    left hand side menu is split --

    • (1) first part for members
    • (2) second part for admins.

    (  only catch will be..  i will not be able to release this code for free.. GPL or not) ==> Because.. this has been and will be many hours of serious code development.. and just like anyone else I do have to pay for rent and food .. not free for me)

    interested  and serious "pre-production" sponsors who want to be in on the action before it hits the ()wall ")streets ;-) .. might want to check out this page

  • Payments on My Test Site

    Payments PlugIn design skeleton has been installed on my test elgg site.

  • hi,

    did you get any further with the payment gateway ?