Custom Index 1.8 question

It shows the Latest Files, Latest Members, etc with the ELGG blue as the background, just wondering if anyone knows how to change that? I've been able to figure the rest out so far but nothing I have done changes those colors.

  • the definitive 'book' for elgg programming is here ~
    the definitive theme to customize is custom-index using whatever features from other 'themes' that seem interesting


  • A on-site configuration of the index page is possible using the Widget Manager plugin (and maybe additionally the Homepage CMS plugin).

    If you only want to change the look of the index page you would need to modify the CSS files of Elgg (best via creating your own theme plugin) or create your own customized custom_index plugin if you want a different widget / background style on the index page compared to the other pages on your site.

Beginning Developers

Beginning Developers

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