Images not showing

Hey, after host my site in arvixe, every album created do not show the photos.But my files are shown correctly, just dont when i upload images to an album.Any Idea?I'm using Elgg 1.8.14

  • The old version had the same issue anyway...

    I think I managed to fix the problem in my version of Tidypics. I'm just preparing a new release. Though I might not be able to publish the new release today anymore as I've made some other changes as well and I need to clean up the code (make sure it works well...) before releasing it.

  • Damn, I would need so much a fix for this problem...thanks guys for helping me.

    @iionly, I'll be waiting for your plugin :)

  • Beta6 is available which should work in Elgg 1.8.15:

    @Phil: Are you sure you use version 1.8.14 of Elgg on your site? if Tidypics fails to work in Elgg 1.8.14 (regardless which version of Tidypics), then the problem is caused by something else: either the upload as such fails or the re-sizing fails. In this case try using the basic uploader to see if this solves your problem. You might also need to change the image library used in the Tidypics plugin settings. What to choose depends on your server. GD should work in any case (as you say that profile image upload works), but you can try the other image libraries as well (if in doubt as arvixe if they are available). For larger images you might need to increase some php limits (memory_limit, post_max_size, upload_max_filesize) regardless of the image library used.

  • Well, I checked and i really use the Elgg 1.8.15, sorry for this mistake.By now, I'm gonna try out this tidypics version.Thanks, @iionly

  • We have the same problem with the latest upgrade for ELGG 1.8.15: pictures of photo albums do not show up anymore, users cannot get their uploaded images displayed.

    So I guess we have to wait for the next upgrade?

    We rolled back to a previous version so our users can continue, we hope this does not happen again with a next upgrade. We rolled back with a back-up service of Softaculous in c-panel at our server.

    Thanx for the support...


  • @aadhar: downgrading to Elgg 1.8.14 won't help you in the long run. Waiting for a fix in Elgg 1.8.16 won't help you either as there is no bug in Elgg core anymore. There was a bug in Elgg core that has been fixed in Elgg 1.8.15. Tidypics only worked because it was depending on the wrong behaviour of Elgg core due to the bug.

    Don't expect any changes in Elgg core to fix the Tidypics issue as it's clearly a matter of updating the Tidypics plugins to work again as expected. I've already released a fixed version of my Tidypics fork: Give it a try (as I wouldn't expect any new release of the official Tidypics plugin in the near future - and even if this one issue is fixed I've made quite a number of other improvements in Tidypics additionally).

  • @iionly, thank you very much, the 1.8.1beta6 works great !