Images not showing

Hey, after host my site in arvixe, every album created do not show the photos.But my files are shown correctly, just dont when i upload images to an album.Any Idea?I'm using Elgg 1.8.14

  • More details necessary: what exactly does show up: existing images in album and images eventually uploaded previously into the files section? What does not work now: only new images uploaded to Tidypics albums or additionally also images uploaded to the files section and maybe also newly uploaded profile images?

    Right now I would guess that the (write) permission of your data directory (and/or the subdirectories in it) might be set wrong. This would result in existing files/images to show up but prevent any new files/images to be added.

  • Well, by now none of the albums in my site show its images.

    When I upload the files, they show up.

    I upload an image as file and it show.I upload the same image as an album image and it does not show.

    I only have this problem with tidypics, because all the other images (avatar, files) are shown correctly.

    I dont have idea of what is wrong, can you be more especific about the permirrions?What you think I should try?

  • My permissions in my data directory are 755 and its subdirectories are 700

  • What I could see is that the 'image' subdirectory is always empty, no matter how many albuns I create.But I still didnt find an answer, i need your help.

  • I might have misunderstood you earlier. I thought you had moved your site and now have problems with Tidypics while it worked before. Now I think you never had Tidypics working at all. Is that right?

    If Tidypics never worked before, I would guess the problem is rather that the images don't get uploaded correctly at all (and therefore the image subdirectory stays empty). You might try the basic uploader - not the flash uploader - to see if this works instead. Or you might try this version of Tidypics: It's slightly newer with a few bugs fixed. Though you should still use the basic uploader currently (I'm still working on the flash uploader).

  • Well, This is my first host.Before use arvixe, i was using my site only in my localhost, in my computer.

    While I was running my site in my computer I never had this problem.Thats weird, because in my computer they always show, using the flash or the basic uploaders.

    But in my arvixe host, no matter what uploader I use, they wont show.I tried to use your tidypics version, but its the same.



    Some new information:

    When I create a photo album, the 'image' subdirectory should autoadd a folder with the album ID, and then put the photos thumbnails inside of it.This is what happens in my computer, so I think this is it.


    But, in my arvixe host, when I create an album, the 'image' subdirectory keeps empty.But, if I create an folder with the album ID manually, the photos (not its thumbnails) appears inside of it.But I still cant see the images in my site, only inside the folder.


  • Are you using Elgg 1.8.15 on your arvixe site? Another user just reported also a problem with image upload failing on new albums both with the original Tidypics plugin and with my version. The problem is caused by a change in Elgg 1.8.15. That's what I found out so far. I still need to figure out how to solve the problem though. It might require an update of the Tidypics plugin. As of now I can only say that Tidypics will fail to allow uploading images to new albums as the necessary album folder is not created as needed.

  • Do you know how to install back 1.8.13 in arvixe? I'll try to test it in other and older elgg versions.

  • Hi Phill Colins!!

    It appears that it is a bug, well a conflict:

    You can roll back to a previous version, the same way you upgrade a site.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Hi, thanks for the help! I cant find a way to back to the previous version =/

    anyway, I made the changes in the ElggDiskFilestore, but the problem persists...