NS - To help create a faith based, family friendly, kid safe elgg social community

Hi, I was trying to create a family friendly social site my own with not such great luck. Yes, I am new and out of range of skills, for real. Lots of ideas and desires have allowed me to learn a lot, enough to know that I could truly use some help making the dream a reality. If anyone is interested please contact me, msg me or just simply reply. The elgg I have running is @ opiepride.com/unite, and the opiepride.com is the main. I open to all suggestions and any help. 

  • We chave create a web site similar to what you are looking for.  We could certainly build such a site for you.

    Contact me if you want more information.



  • adc

    i have created such a site, with a unique item included: law enforcement professionals are able to register with admin for moderator status and then impose and manage real world type licence conditions on users.

    admin has the same permissions of course.

    this enables anyone who classes themselves as vulnerable to be protected, and anyone under or over a certain age to be protected, from contact by any individual deemed to be unsuitable.

    no other social network in the world offers this functionality and the plugins are not available elsewhere.

    i can provide hosting, domain, and site, excluding theme but including those exclusive plugins. all you need to do is find a theme designer and administer your site on a day to day basis.

    in addition i can include the same income generation package that we use that will enable you to operate as a paid membership site, and as our partner, provide valid email accounts with passive income and payment platform for your users and enjoy an income yourself.. where your users generate income for you everytime they invite new users to join your site! (we do the work.. you and your users get paid).

    contact me if you are interested.


Professional Services

Professional Services

Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.