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I'm involved in a very exciting project-http://radiovybe.com/ it is a social network for radio lovers all over the world. You can see it as a social platform where users can listen to terrestial and internet radios while socializing with their friends and the radio stations. Please signup for more experience.

We need someone believes in niche social network, World peace fostered by open communication and Integrity. In addition to these important values, we need someone who is proficient in Elgg/PHP/MySQL to setup Elgg and migrate our site. Also initiate code customization to match the site requirements.

The site requirements is simply as follows:

1. Use most of the out-o-the box modules of Elgg for RadioVybe
2. Create a addon that will enable users to add/manage a radio page (subject to Admin approval)
3. Add listen button (for playing radio streams) to radio page
4. Create a Tag addon for tagging radio pages per City,Location and Country.
* Theme to be used http://community.elgg.org/plugins/912720/2.1.1/my-ultimate-cool-theme

Should be interested in this exciting project, please email:
jobs@radiovybe.com For more detailed information.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Get / offer professional help on Elgg; like customization, design, development, setup, hosting... Illegal trades are not allowed.