how does this happen: elgg InvalidParameterException InvalidParameterException All files must have an owner!

I found the problem via logs and fixed it but want to know how it actually happens and how to make sure it doesn't happen again.

elgg InvalidParameterException  InvalidParameterException  All files must have an owner!

  • This usually occurs if you have a corrupted database and only part of the user information exists.

    It is most often caused by someone messing with the database using phpMyAdmin, but it can also happen if your db has been trashed for other reaons (as could occur before Elgg 1.5 for example.)

  • The problem is present in the table elggusers_entity if 
    you have the backup just restore it, if no 
    installation and start a new query to get the new bank 
    created and is replaced by that of only problema.Depois with the insert in the table with data from former users 
    I hope I have helped