Group discussion is terrible! -ideas to improve it-


I'm new to Elgg and I lOVE it, I'm developing several sites based on Elgg. After test the groups part I have to say that I find the it HORRIBLE. Cero on usability.
The proof is that some plugin developers use Google code to discuss the codes.

Some key features are missing, which will greatly improve it's usability

1) Email notification of new topics/replies

2) Discussion display widget, for example topic display in your profile

3) Group search!!

Also would be usefull to be able to create hierarchical groups, but the key features I think it's email notification of new topics/replies and topic display.

If I don't know about new topics how I'm going to participate of the discussion?.  Ok, I can search for a topic, but that's active, and most users in Social networks just wait to things to appear in their profiles.

In my experience users are incredible passive, which means that if something isn't clear or easy to use they are just going to go to another site. And being communication a key part of any social nework and being Elgg such a fine system I think Elgg discussion groups could do so much better!!!

Elgg developers please read this! :)

Best regards

Ps. Usability thing: can the Acess option be by default in PUBLIC ACCESS when you open a discussion?

  • 1) Email notification of new topics/replies - already there

    can the Acess option be by default in PUBLIC ACCESS when you open a discussion? - My version (Groups 1.5.1) has this


  • Hi Cash!

    Where? I installed Groups 1.5 and the user can't subscribe themselves to receive the new topics in the groups or the news replies to a topic.

    Where do you activate it?

    Best refards,


  • Settings->Group Notifications

  • @Cash: I just found your groupforumtopic_notify_message() function has a couple of hard coded strings ("New discussion post: " and "New comment on discussion: ").

  • @morgar - All I did is fix some bugs and add some minor enhancements on the groups plugin released with Elgg 1.5. Those types of bugs should be reported on the Elgg trac.

  • Settings->Group Notifications

    Yes, but this is MY own notifications as a user, I would like to activate all the users notifications by default.
    It would be nice for the user to activate/desactivate notifications by groups/posts in the same group or post you're using. Like an Activate/Desactivate notification link.

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