Error Fatal 500 (Internal Server Error)

We have a little community with Elgg (over 1500 users) some mounths ago, a production site, in runing on the last version 1.8.14. The site worked "fine", fast, without problems.

No new plugings or changes added in the last two weeks.

This last days dosen't work. A lot of actions (news blogs, tweets, coments, etc.) shows an error 500 (server error). After error, the action is saved but nothing is showing on "activity" wall. If We add new content, we have an error 500. If We modify content, not! We are very concerned! Can You help me?

We have a lot of malicius bots in our web. Our domains are very old. This bots pass the captcha without problems. I deleted more than 10 users every day, normally Chinese Ips. I suspect that this error is related with this bots and only affect to management users, but not sure. Anyone feels the same?

Sorry for my English.

Regards, Wogker.

  • [SOLVED] The pluging Elggx Userpoints cause the error. Probably too much activity in my web! :-)

  • Thank you so much for your message!  It helped me to resolve a sudden issue I spent 12 hours on today.  I can confirm that it appears the Elggx Userpoints plugin is causing some side effects.

    For me those side effects were:

    1. Posting a new blog post would generate a 500 internal server error.

    2. Deleting users or blog posts and tidypics albums would generate a 500 internal server error.

    I initially had a previous version of Elggx Userpoints installed and suddenly saw weirdness just appear.  After repairing databases (the initial corruption may have been a result of other things I was trying and may nto be due to the plugin) and further trying to isolate things I found this message and tried to disable this plugin.  That made some noticable changes and seemed to allow me to save blogs and delete them again.  Then I installed the latest version of Elggxuserpoints (1.8.5) and confirmed the same problems occurs with the plugin activated and then dissappears witht he plugin disabled.

    I'm not sure of how or why.  Everything was working great for many months with that plugin and no settings were changed in the last few days...but somehow suddenly this occurred.

  • (same comment I also posted on the userpoints plugin page)

    @gts fan9: please try the following: first I would suggest to validate your database using the Database Validator plugin. If you deleted spam accounts after a spam bots attack it's always good to check if there might have remained some entities with errors. This is not only helpful in case of the issue with the Elggx Userpoints plugin.

    The issue with the error 500 on adding userpoints (it does occur then, does it?) will not automatically be solved just by upgrading the plugin to the latest version. I still haven't found out why the issue does actually starting to occur. The problem is that the metadata that contains user's number of userpoints seems to get corrupted under some bad circumstances. As soon as the metadata entry does not contain a number anymore adding new points will fail. If you would check your server logs, you should notice some log entries that coincidence with the error 500 appearances.

    Now to fix the problem, the Elggx Userpoints plugin now offers an option to restore the userpoints metadata. Go to the Elggx Userpoints settings page (Administer - Utilities - Elggx Userpoints). You will see the options to restore the userpoints metadata entry of a single account or for all accounts. Use any of these options (maybe "Restore all" is better suited in your case). These options re-calculate the current number of userpoints of a member by adding up the user's userpoints annotations. In the end all accounts should have a valid metadata entry again and there shouldn't be anymore error 500 on adding new userpoints.

  • iionly, I know your message is very old but I just wanted to reply and let you know that the issue occurred again and I did the "restore all" function and it did solve the problem.  Thanks for the help and sorry for saying so a year after the fact!