LF - revolutionary, coder, lover not a fighter.. for soon to be big project ;)

greetings! i am open to connecting with anyone who desires change for this planet, has elgg/php/sql experience desires to be involved with the community i am creating - infiniteeureka.com

the intention is to share truth that is denied, to support healing and for us to come together with that intent.

the site has been active in one form or another for 4+ years - initially via a network made at ning.com and had 250 active members.. however, for a variety of reasons i closed that down and built a custom installation using elgg. that build process took years instead of the weeks i thought would be necessary (partially due to elgg and partially due to my life and me). now i am nearly ready to 'publish' the site more fully and am most likely going to launch a crowdfunding process. so while i am directed towards not using money and helping share the wisdom of how money addiction has caused so many of our dysfunctions, i am also aware that money is presently the method of negotiation favored by the web hosting groups, so will use it as necessary. therefore i will have money to share with anyone who wishes to become involved.

be aware that the nature of this community is for purposes of spiritual and bodily evolution - it is not a project you can really compare to most other sites - you need to be interested in the process that the site supports and need to live integrity. integrity such that if you desire to leave the community/role then you do leave and not hang around.. and also such that you truly do desire to be involved and not just 'because it looks cool' or 'you need the money'.

you are welcome to explore the community and if you are interested to assist in any way then you can reach me through infinite eureka or via ura@infiniteeureka.com.

thanks for being you ;)

Professional Services

Professional Services

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