Elgg expert, PHP Developer wanted

Elgg expert, PHP Developer needed for 2 elgg sites currently online. Both sites are using the Elgg platform in a slightly different way than intended (not necessarily noticable until you discover certain functionality that might appear the same on the surface, but function 'opposite' of what was intended).

Much work already done by programmer friend who now wants to be replaced with a more permanent member joining my team.

We are working on building up the traffic at the moment, and still more ideas needs to be developed. Developer will be working on and off, depending on whether new ideas needs developing. There is a list of ideas right now, some of them I would say are somewhat innovative to the internet (judge for yourself if you join the team). There are some new ideas for what a 'profile' really could be doing on a website. This is something I feel is almost stale and passive, where it could be 'intelligent' 'interactive'.


  • Project A: Paid access site. Dev. getting equal share of any profits from the site.
  • Project B: free access site. Here investors already own shares, so we will have to work something out.
  • both projects are built on the same 'Elgg philosophy', meaning they both use the same 'different Elgg setup' I have come up with.


If you are really going to get excited about the two projects here are some traits:

  • Mac user (not many PHP developers use Mac)
  • Music / Producer / Video / Music Promoter. Anything Music industry.

Contact me on Skype for more information on the projects: Zulu JumpStarter

ps: I'm already in talks with one of the Elgg experts from this community, but if he is not interested or if we need more devs. on the team ....

  • i am here to help you as much as possible for FREE!

  • The Arck Interactive team can help with your projects. Please contact me via the form on our site and we'll get the process started.

  • I am overwhelmed by the response privately, and I see a few have also written here in the thread. Thanks so much for your interest everyone.

    I really didn't think a post like this would garner any response really. I expected people to be burried deep in their own projects, but it turns out there are also developers out there eager to join a team that really want to create something new (and for that we need the PHP developers. As for now we have 2 basic websites using Elgg, but set up however in a slightly different way than intended).

    Thank you for your interest everyone.