Search plugin doesn't work

Hi, I know this topic has been discussed before; but unfortunatelly I haven't found an answer to fix my issue. Plain and simple "search plugin does not work". Whatever I write on the search box takes me to an error page "The page isn't redirecting properly"

I've check .htaccess rewrite rule and it is ok. This is what I get on the browser's address bar:


Also I have Profile Manager plugin, which works perfect, except the search by tags. I decided to open a discussion since I my elgg version is up to date (release 1.8.14) and I'm using the default theme; so I guess is something else, and probably my fault.

  • http://localhost/elgg_1_8_14/search?q=test&search_type=all
    works ok here ;)
    nb: the url fmt diffs -> *not /pg/search... etc - for 1.8


  • Interesting. Is it a clean install or an upgrade?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • @rjcalifornia It's an upgrade and I already disabled all the plugins with no success.It actually has never worked since I had 1.7; but I really didn't needed until now and I've been following every single update.

    @DhrupDeScoop I saw on my cellphone(probably due to slower conection) the redirections. It shows on the address bar:


    then redirects to:


    and then redirects back to the previous addres and so on until the browser stops with the error message "too many redirects"

    I noticed the difference in the redirections, as you point, is just including and excluding the "/pg" directory. Any clue?

  • Probably a bad upgrade.

    Could you check the version of the search plugin? Any changes to the .htaccess?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Versión Elgg >= 1.8 1.8.14 ok
    Plugin: search 1.8 -- ok
  • @rjcalifornia No, I haven't done any change to .htaccess. It may be a bad upgrade; but how I can check that?I'm honestly lost on it. I've done some CSS changes to the original theme though; but I don't believe that makes any difference besides appearance.

  • @DhrupDeScoop  Any advice?

  • /pg appearing in urls is a sign that there's either an Elgg-1.8-incomplete plugin used or your site has not been properly updated from Elgg 1.7 to Elgg 1.8. Now old / obsolete views (from Elgg 1.7) interfere with the new Elgg 18 views.

    I would suggest to clean up your installation. Delete ALL Elgg core files on your server. Only keep settings.php in the engine folder, .htaccess and 3rd party plugin folders in mod. If you modified any other core files you need to keep backup of these files and migrate these changes back later on your own. Next copy the latest Elgg 1.8 package again on your server. Check if there are any significant differences between your settings.php and settings.example.php apart from your database credentials. If yes, create a new settings.php with settings.example.php as starting point. The same with .htaccess: check the differences between your .htaccess and htaccess_dist. Best would be to migrate your own changes into a new .htaccess file with htaccess_dist as starting point. If necessary migrate any changes in other core files back now. Last step is running upgrade.php. Hopefully, your site works better now...

  • @iionly Thank you very much for your help. I haven't done any changes to .htaccess and the current file is the renamed htaccess_dist; but I have made some CSS changes though. So I'll make a backup, and follow all your directions and see what happens. If everything goes ok, then I'll upload/overwrite the modified files one by one; and testing the search plugin on every upload to see if there is something that I did, corrupting the plugin. I'll let you know how it went once I finish all the proccess. Thanks.