Can't stop new signups ?

Facebook connect - turned off

Twitter API - turned off

Admin > Advanced Settings > Allow new users to register - not activated


New spam profiles are still being created. How is that possible?


  • are you using the most recent version of elgg?  There have been security fixes along those lines in the 1.8 branch.

  • Hi Matt

    I'm using 1.8.12

  • You must upgrade.

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • How to upgrade? Is there a tutorial?

  • I'm not sure if I'll be able to upgrade actually. Both my Elgg projects are already customised with the help of a programmer. I'm using Elgg 'slightly' different than how it was intended. (I'm looking for PHP developer(s) to join my project with an equal cut of the potential profits). If / when that happens I'll have the necessary help to perform the upgrade(s).

    It does seem that the 15 spam profiles a day has gone drastically down, I'm still monitoring it for the next 12 hours. Then I'll turn back on the 'Allow new users to register' to see what happens. I think I'm gonna leave the twitter and facebook stuff off on the elgg where the spam problem is thriving (which strangely enough is the Elgg with only 400 visits a month, we're still building up traffic).

  • Also - make sure you're actually reporting NEW accounts here.  Some spammers are tricky and preregister accounts well in advance of when they use them.  Could it be dormant accounts suddenly coming to life and posting material?

  • you are waiting for 'necessary help to perform the upgrade(s)' ??
    that's strange... to need a 'developer' for an upgrade that needs a few seconds of a little typing ;-P
    what sort of 'potential profits' do you have to offer ? that would attract 'developers' to team-up  ?
    what is your business plan ?
    what guarantee for success ?
    so many.. unknowns ;-)
    how does 'only 400 visits a month' relate to 'profits' ?
    so many questions. . .



  • @Matt, no actually very very few of them do any posting before I delete them. It doesn't even happen once a day.



    I'm looking for people who want to be part of a team to 'build up' a business. I am not looking for people who just wants money others worked hard to build up. Read my post again.

    So 400 visitors is an example of how the business is only starting. I'm sure you are very familiar with these concepts?

    You will also notice that I fully explained why I might need a programmer to upgrade. The Elgg has been somewhat customised and is being used in a different way than intended.

    You clearly know how to upgrade, but I don't. So I was not asking for help for a few seconds of typing, since I have no idea what is required to upgrade.

    I'm sorry if my post was this unclear to you.

  • @brainf - nothing was unclear ;-) i did read/reread your words very closely before answering and asking questions. you are welcome to PM to me all your serious answers for me to consider seriously (and in case u do not know who's who.. read around and research a little)  i am familiar with concepts such as building a website from zero to 12,000 userbase (and now @ 1/4 million users) within some few months and 3000-4000 visits ++ per day ;oO 'upgrading' does not really might need a real developer - i reckon i can upgrade all your customized code within 3 days.. wanna bet ? u r gonna lose! overall sounds like you need some serious technical assistance in some areas of elgg code and internals.