a serious software error occurred

anyone know of a plugin or way to replace the giant blue/white page that is shown (elgg default / installer style) when a 'serious software error' occurs? seeing the data is useful to me, the admin, but to others its not so helpful. hm.. or maybe that page is only shown to admins?

  • views used by this page are from viewtype failsafe and can be overriden, but be careful when doing it.

  • i have been sent notification from someone else that uses the site that they had been shown a notification of an error which just said 'exception #xxxxxxx' when uploading a vimeo video via videolist..
    when i just did the same, i saw the blue/white failsafe view.. so i am wondering if maybe that page is only visible to admins.. in which case i will leave it. do you know?

  • The same error pages are available to public also. You can create a different view for that and log the error message to somewhere by overriding the failsafe view. 

  • ah ok.. i see there is an admin error view and a non admin error view. i just changed the css in the failsafe page file - that's enough for me and stops the page burning out the back of my eyes!

  • All non-admin users get 'exception #xxxxxxx' format instead of stack trace due to security reasons, you can check it of course by this timestamp in error log. I even did once sending email, from the exception view, to admin with the stack trace to save on digging throug the error logs and it worked pretty nicely. Despite breaking MVC.