Help french translation installation doesn't work

I post again cause i've got no answer and i'm not sure to have posted in the good place



Now I'm trying to elgg

I installed the 1.8.14 local

I wanted to install the French translation, I found that to 1.8.13.

So I copied the unzipped file, but I do not lechoix French in the drop-down settings. I only englais.

Is there something special to do

Thank you for Advanced Features

  • Where did you copy the upzipped file to? Was it only one single file or more than one file? The language files need to be copied into the "languages" folders. There is a main languages folder in the root directory of your Elgg installation - the main language file belongs there. Then each plugin can also have it's own languages folder where you would copy the corresponding plugins' language files into.

  • Hello

    Thanks for your answer

    i've uploaded Traduction-elgg-fr-V1.8.13(13-02-2013 file

    i_ve extracted Traduction-elgg-fr\Français-V1.8.13\

    I ve unzipped all the  files in there directories (documentation, install, languages, mod, views)

    I 'dont see frenc on the select form language


    Thanks for your help

  • Hello

    Please any one has an idea?





  • Does it work if you disable simple cache in Elgg's advanced settings? Then it might be a Javascript issue - maybe due to your local installation - or you might have not copied the views/default/js/languages/fr.php file into the correct location.

    Have you ever tried to install another language pack? By doing so you could at least verify if the problem is caused by the French language pack (if the other language works) or if you make some general mistake in installing the language files (if the other language is also not selectable).

    You could try my German language pack: It installs a bit different than some other language packs though as you would install / enable the German language plugin like any other Elgg plugin.