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Is there documentation that explains the function of tagging in Elgg? I would actually like to remove it from my site as it doesn't seem to add to the Search function at least for my users. I think most of them are confused by it.

How hard would it be to remove or hide it?


  • You'd have to remove the field from content forms individually.  Though to be honest - tag search is the one part of elgg default search that works the best.  I find the best way to improve usability is to rename the fields from "Tags" (most non-technical people don't know what that is) to "Search Keywords (comma separated)".  That way they know exactly what it is and how to do it.


  • good idea matt.. i'll do that. :)
    i also css styled the 'tags' so that they have a consistent themed appearance throughout the site

  • Matt, I tried your suggestion (editing language file) but now see the tag search isn't working.  On the Groups index page (groups/all), when I type in any word or words either from a group title or from within a group, the search finds nothing. Could this be because I deleted Tagcloud from my plugins. I did this because though I do understand the tagging concept, I don't see how it would work in Elgg. Do users first have to tag things before they can later search for them? Very confused, and I know most of my users would be too as many of us are seniors.

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  • Do users first have to tag things before they can later search for them?

    Yes, things need to be tagged before they can be searched.  How could you search for something by tag if you haven't tagged anything?

    Or put in the more usable terminology: you can't search by keyword if you haven't entered any keywords

  • OK, Matt - I now see the reason for the tag fields on all forms! Guess I don't need the tagcloud plugin for basic keyword searching. The absence of documentation makes so much about Elgg a steep learning curve for some of us.