Are you sure?

 Hello,and thanks.  Does anyone know how to get rid of the pop up box,that asks if you are sure you want to leave the webpage.  Its not bad when going between pages,but between pictures when you advance them in,Tidypics.

  It looks like a JS alert,but its not in the JS folder (unless I missed it).



 Thank you again

  • Hello,thank you,but could you please tell me a little more.  I went through the JS but still can't find it.

    I know you are busy,but anything you can do would be appreciated.

    Thank you again,


  • The "Are you sure?" confirmation should only appear when there's unsaved content on the page (e.g. comment not posted yet). If you only view images and switch to the next image without entering anything the confimation should not appear - does not for me (with my Tidypics 1.8.1beta4 version posted this week). If the pop up shows up on your site even if you don't enter any text there might be a conflict with another plugin (though I've no idea which other plugin could cause that right now).

  •  Hello,I am working with Tidypics 1.8.1beta4 and am using the basic installer. I am on WinXP,and using Firefox,with no other plugins. I am using the basic installer too.

     Tidypics works great when I am not logged in.

     So I am not sure what is going on.

     Thank you again.