Problems with Elgg & Xampp in Dreamweaver

I'm trying to open php files with Dreamweaver, in my case, xampp\htdocs\test\elgg\index, it opens a blank in the desing page but in the code page appears the code. I've added all the xampp folder to dreamweaver, I've assigned a testing server to it and I've tried "discovering the dynamically-related files" (this is what shows as error). Can anyone help me with this

Thanks a lot

  • I haven't used dreamweaver in almost a decade, but I don't think it's a good tool (at least none of the professionals I know use it).

    That said, I don't think there is any graphical design tool that will work with Elgg - it's just too dynamic.  You have to be working at the code level.

    Recommendations: Eclipse, NetBeans

  • @Matt +999 !;-)
    * no gui tool for 'elgg' devel code stuffs...
    And.. I ain't coding that for $0 gpl neither !....
    Used to call it ElggWeaver but now goes as NexGen
    'PRPPL' for Elgg

  • @Matt thanks for the advice .
    I'm relatively new in php, and I saw that was a tool that allowed to see the design while doing changes in the code, but I didn't know that won't work with elgg.

    Thanks again

  • I think it's ok for relative simple html, and it sounds like it might have some basic php support, but for anything of sufficient complexity like elgg/drupal/joomla/etc. I don't think there's anything that's worthwhile graphically.

  • Kinda academics for discussions only....
    B/C no 1 will have or make the time to commit
    To such a magnitude req'd for this...

    I have somethangz 1/2 similar for a difff kind off applic
    Takes approx 50 - 100 lines of 'codel
    To generate 16,000 lines of html. Js, jq, php, sql ajax'ng...
    For the application itself. If some1 wanna check out a 'demol.
    Send pm... and I'll setup a userid for demo test....
    U will need to know espanol b/c all the ui is spanish....!
    However.... can sorta see the tons of 'boring' code that spits out from <= 100 lines code.

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