containers plugin - 1.8

i've just uploaded a simple plugin to github that allows containers to be chosen on save/edit forms..

the only bug i know of is with bookmarks - for some unknown reason the containers are not saving.. the other mods are fine. if anyone wants to test this and/or maybe find the cause of the bug, then you are welcome to.

  • How you plan to, what is sinificance of 'contai8ners ' for you and yrb usage ?

  • the idea is to allow:

    new entities to be created and added to groups without needing to go to the 'add new' page for the specific group first.
    existing entities to be moved between containers - which is essentially between groups and your own profile presently.

    i'd much prefer multiple containers to be allowed - so i can post one video to my own profile and to multiple containers.. elgg is not supporting that presently, perhaps due to the way commenting is implemented.

  • ;-) got it !dl'd to my droid, unzippede, now to study the code.... lolz...

  • I ll write details later after Sunday @ home.
    Then you ll see the why s re: me
    B.C. I plan my global MediaMall similar but
    Mucho ++ ,Powerz

  • ok, i've pushed some more changes to github - fixed a bug..
    the bookmark issue is that bookmarks save ok, but when i edit one and change the container, the change of of container doesn't save; yet other changes do save. !?

  • ElggEntity.php

    Function save()
    See what code does to yr Cont#
    For create New and update Existing....

    Might be somethangz inside.there.....

  • nope.. nothing in function save() of note..
    i did see that the 'prepare_from_vars' function in bookmarks is pretty different to blogs - which doesn't make much sense to me - except that maybe they were coded in different periods, so different styles were applied. so maybe the cause is in there somehow, someway.

  • Does bookmarks save action actually grab the form container guid field value ?

  • the logic i am seeing in the bookmark save actions is a bit strange.. ;)
    it grabs the container_guid using:

    $container_guid = get_input('container_guid', elgg_get_logged_in_user_guid());

    and then does nothing with it..

    another line appears further in:

    $bookmark->container_guid = (int)get_input('container_guid', $_SESSION['user']->getGUID());

    so i am imagining bookmarks hasn't had much coder love for a while.

    so anyway, to answer your question - yes the save action does grab the field. the field does get saved in some circumstances.. and not in others.
    specifically it is saved correctly with a new bookmark and not when an edit is done to an existing bookmark - though no error message appears.