Changing domain whithout moving elgg path

Hi all.

I followed the guide:

In my case nothing move, the database and the data folder stay the same on same place, i just take a primary shorty domain.

I changed the url by admin panel, and the site gone wrong, i can access to admin with the old url, but cant apply change for roll back!

The new url show the site with some database entry, but css is missing, and cannot connect (error500)

I ran on Phpmyadmin the command specified:

UPDATE `elgg_sites_entity` SET `url` = "";

(Of course i changed the url by the new good one)

I am stuck, i dont find any recent post who can help, i request some advise ;)

  • Ok i solved myself, this is a bit tricky.. I haved already moved cms like wordpress, phpbb, drupal (..) more quickly :]

    Because i used subdomains and subfolders, and because the data path is outside the domain name (like recommended!) the data path need to be absolute.

    For know your absolute path, create a file called MYPATH.php and put this on:

    <!--?php echo realpath('MYPATH.php'); ?-->  

    Then visit this file by http and adapte..

    Also my htaccess was modified (by myself..) but after plenty of custom code i wasn't renember..

    After 8 but intense days (!) of elgg, i like it a lot, thanks to developers, nice job!

    I learn that is more easy to customize a social engine* into a website than try to socialize a basic website cms :)

    The loop system is a bit funny, like php master-->php slave-->html and it's not easy for beginners to understand that, i understand why slowly (I dont know php, just good at css, html..), all code is like on a "sandbox" and i like it just because if a mod go wrong, he will be desactivated by itself, so the "core" stay clean and the best: quick!!! I am sure this kind of structure can support heavy load, so i trust into future :)

     *elgg :)


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