I'm trying to modify Elgg to disalow users Uploading any files until they join a certain group.

So ''Bobby'' registers, and meets a Intro page explaining he must join a group to have acess to File Uploads. He can view any pages (about, intro Contact) Existing files, or public content, but can not create his own pages or upload new Data.

How is it possible to do this? @steve Clay said 


When new users register, mark them with $user->is_limited = 1; When they join the group, delete that metadata.

Register a handler for the [action, all] plugin hook and capturing a whitelist of actions you'd need for new users to be able to do, then limit actions to that whitelist if $user->is_limited.

I think the easiest way to change the UI would be to inject a classname is "limited_user" into the BODY when those users are logged in. Then in CSS hide all the buttons they shouldn't have access to.''


Anyone have a clue on how this is done? Any information would be helpfull  :D

 $user->is_limited = 1