1.8.14 - two glitches - comment labels and the 'multiple login notifications' issue continues

in addition to the comment labels bug mentioned here: http://community.elgg.org/discussion/view/1205843/commenting-labels-are-broken-on-my-live-site-any-idea-why

i also just noticed that the multiple login notification/error messages issues are not entirely fixed in 1.8.14 since i am seeing pages loading with big collections of messages on top of each other that are all hidden at once..
so a page might load with 15 messages superimposed that all close together.
that would be ok except the css for the messages in my theme has outer glow enabled, so the glows all superimpose on top of each other and a thick bar appears around the message box instead of a semi-opaque glow effect.

  • another glitch..
    the friends tabs for various subtypes are no longer showing items from friends.. just an empty list.
    this is with videos (videolist) and bookmarks (the only items tested). this is not occuring with my test site as far as i am seeing.. i have no idea why this is occuring; another strange one. n.b. i do not have the ajax tabs / easytabs plugin enabled on this install.)

  • Bug(s) in Easytabs plugin: not all JS libraries used are registered with elgg_register_simplecache_view() in its start.php. It's the same problem that occured with my Fivestar plugin and Jeroen's Event Manager plugin.

    Disable simple cache on your site to see if the problem still occurs then. Most likely not. To fix this issues the start.php of the Easytabs plugin needs to be updated to include elgg_register_simplecache_view() calls for all JS libraries used.

    I wonder if also the comments label issue might be connected with elgg_register_simplecache_view() calls missing in one of the plugins used on your site. You should be able to find out if you check with simple cache disabled.

    The notification message issue is something different. I don't have any ideas about that.

  • thanks for the tip, i'll look at the caching.. though i did say that easy tabs isnotenabled on the install that is glitching

  • i just tested that.. no change.