Connections what connections


I get from web server "too many connections". My host company say for each access my web site open 18 connecions and with 5 users at same time I hit limit 100 connections.

I ask them what connecitons? DB connections? They say no web server connections.

I read previous discussions. It say you have this when you have many plugins. Do they not share connections? Easy for me understand database connection but what is web connection?

Thank you.

  • What hosting are you using? How many plugins are active? Which plugins are you using?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Hello Rodolfo I use for host. I have 29 extra plugins. They are like classic ones profile-manager, widget-manager, faq, feedback, tidypics, lianglee framework, lianglee theme designer, homepage_cms, friend-requests, suggested-friends, event-manager, image-captcha, admin-shout, galli*shorturl, notifications-tools, admin-shout, site-code, welcome-message, embrache-timezone, monolingual, html-email-handler, login-redirector, login-as, last-login, auto-sitemap, mobilize.n Thank.

  • Hmmm I don't see any server/DB intensive plugin on your list. Are you using a chat plugin?

    Is the notifications plugin the one that has live notifications on site?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • What's considered a connection in that context?  Is getting the css, js, and images all counted as separate connections?  If so then it could be 18 easily, and wouldn't be out of the realm of normal.

    If your limit is 100 connections that seems rather low.

  • if they r counting & limiting yr http requests -- v. strange & 'unfair' 

    to limit throttle down sites... i say get new hosting co

  • Thank all for help.

    @rjcalifornia  Not yet I have no chat. My host tell me they are not database connection. Notifications Tools is only for changing settings. it is this:

    @Matt Beckett That my problem. They say this connections are related to web server not database server. I shall ask "is getting the css, js, and images all counted as separate connections?". What is "normal" wat count with other hosts?

    @DhrupDeScoop They were always very good to me. So I want to be fair. I want to establish if this an unfair limit or maybe fair.

    I have "Semi dedicated hosting plan" "with more resources than shared hosting".     and detail condition write:

    CurHost provides a shared Semi-Dedicated hosting account service. The very nature of the service requires that Web Server resources be shared. Every web Semi-Dedicated hosting account account can use up to 100 concurrent (simultaneous) connections originating from one IP (regardless of the domain, subdomain) and also 100 concurrent connections towards a single vHost (domain or subdomain).

    Maybe Elgg need mini mum VPS? Maybe this fair limit? I have very low visitor (average 25 people whole day).

    Do all you run your web site on VPS?

    Also how trace each connection to each plugin?

    Thank all.

  • Semi dedicated hosting plan? The limit should be higher. I don't think VPS is needed, yet. May be you should ask if elgg is fully supported


    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • The max number of connections a browser would open to a single server goes up to 8 for IE10 - 18 should not be possible. The number of concurrent connections therefore depends on the number of concurrent users and the number of connections the used browsers open.

    Assuming that your Webserver uses persistent connections the keep-alive setting is interesting as this determines the resources that are used. 

    The default setting for the KeepAliveTimeout of Apache is 15 seconds (

    Setting this to a lower value (1-5s as adviced on the above link) will allow for more concurrent users with just 100 connections.  

    Anyhow it is impossible to reach 100 concurrently open connections with just 25 users the whole day. This would only be possible if they all are accessing your website within the same 15 seconds within 24 hours - very unlikely.

  • I was told by my host that "getting the css, js, and images all count as separate connections". Is this a reasonable-common way for count?

    @domblue Thank you for information. They tell me each user open 18 connections... They give me a log. I shall check it. I shall check if I access have on apache settings. I am annoyed with so few users, 25 users, the whole day, I got this 100 connection limit. It is possible but like you says very unlikely.  It really a bit dodgy. If it happen again I find a suitable solution.

  • "One can consider that somebody having more than 10 connections opened is not a regular user." - see here ... so you might have some bad people banging against your site. Here you find the actual numbers of connections a browser opens per hostname.

    25 normal users a day cannot produce 100 parallel opened connections against a single hostname.