streamlining of graphics files in elgg?

one glaring issue with elgg and the plugin system is that each plugin can be customised by your own theme plugin via view manipulation, but this does not extend to images and perhaps other types of files.

so if there is a plugin, such as pages, files and tidypics that have their own images in a graphics folder, we need to hack the plugin to change the paths.

a much better solution is to update core so that the active theme plugin's graphics folder is the primary location for graphics files. if a file exists in there with a name that matches one that another plugin needs, then that is the one that would be used. that way the style and theme doesn't get messed up during upgrades.

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  • Actually there's some work on it being done for Elgg 1.9

    See #5174, #5091, #4476, #5105, #4460, #5186

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