Add New User Not Sending Email

I could swear that when I first tested my Elgg installation a few weeks ago, "Add New User" sent an email to the new user. Maybe I'm confusing it with the Upload Users plugin which does send an email. I changed the wording of the email slightly in the core language file, lines 963 to 972, but can't see how that could stop it sending the email. Wierd! Am running my site closed, private.



  • By Jon L

    Do you have the plugin HTML Emails turned on? If so, try turning it off. I ran in to trouble with the user notification when that was turned on. I'm running Elgg 1.8.13.

  • By jon666

    No I don't have that plugin. Maybe the upload_users (batch membership approval) is interfering with Add User. Will disable it and test. Thanks' Jon.

  • By Jon L

    Also could be that mails are going to your spam folder.  

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