File viewing after upload, PDF etc

Elgg 1.7.1 -- I've got a guy who uploads PDF files and other files through the stock file manager service, uploads fine, and users can download by clicking on them, and then clicking on the "Download this" button.  The problem is, the downloads start automatically, and to inexperienced users they can't figure out where the file went or if it even downloaded.

My guy's question to me was, isn't there a way we can prompt for the file to be opened or saved, rather than just automatically downloaded?  I told him possibly, but after reading lots of documents, i can't see an easy way.  Any suggestions?

Any replies greatly appreciated.  

  • I believe the download prompts are browser (save as/open with/etc) are determined by the browser and the users settings.  I don't think there's anything you can do server-side for it.

  • Matt, i agreed, and initially told him that... then he said other sites worked on the same browser the elgg site failed on.  

    Thanks for the response.  He has not mentioned this again, so possibly he was in error after all.