defult elgg File plugin issue

I have seen an issue in the file plugin. if you post any image using file plugin its works fine (it means actual file show even at river and on the landing page).

But if you post any other file like flash, mp3 or video . file plugin shown you the defult image of the elgg not the actual file. Because of this user never able to see the actual file other than images.

Can you please help me in getting the path of the file which user posted? I want when user insert the other files also in the system instead of the default image actual file should come.

  • Well, do you have any plugin that extends the files plugin functionality?

    Is it recognizing the MIME type or not?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • The file type identification done at file upload is not 100% guaranteed to work. Especially mp3 files don't have a standard file header and are therefore difficult to identify for example when they contain ID tags. Elgg uses different methods trying to identify the file type. With Elgg 1.8 the (newly introduced) primary method requires PHP version 5.3 to be installed on the server. This method should give the best result but you need to upgrade the PHP version on your server if it still runs on PHP 5.2.

    But even when the files will get identified correctly Elgg will not be able to play video files with the default plugins. The bundled zaudio plugin can play mp3 files but for flash and other video formats you would need to install a 3rd party plugin.

  • @iionly, thanks or your reply.

    I am trying below code to get the file path and flash file is not working

    Not working URL :-$url1 = elgg_get_site_url() . "mod/file/download.php?file_guid=$file_guid";

    But when I try to give below path directly flash file works.

     working :- $download_url = 'http://localhost/data/2013/02/12/789/file/myContent.swf';


    I think if I can get the correct file path flash file will work.


    Any suggestions to get exact path from the file

  • I don't know what you are exactly trying to achive. There's already a "Download" button displayed in the title section on the detailed view for every file regardless of file type. This button also shows for flash files and allows your users to download these files without the need for you to code anything. I think you wonder why there shows nothing in the page section of video files where the image files pages show a preview of the images. As I said before, Elgg can't play videos - not even preview them - so there's no detailed info about a video files available (like a screenshot or anything). Still your users can download these files by clicking on the "Download" button.

  • @ iionly . I want when I upload the flash file from the file plugin . it should play in the page it self as other type works

    actually i am using the embed plugin to insert the images, video etc to the blog now using video plugin from elgg i am able to play the video\mp3 in the blog but not flash file as flash file is showing as default icon in the blog. Now i am trying to create the new plugin which will able to play flash file in the file plugin any suggestions

  • The only type of files that can be displayed without any tools are images. Mp3 files don't play automatically either. Only when using the zaudio plugin that provides an audio player you can play mp3 files on site. If you want to do the same for flash files or other video files you would need to implement a plugin that is similar to zaudio - only for videos. You can't compare videos embedded for examples in blogs with this. The embedding only works because the server side player part is provided by the website you embedded the video from. If you host the videos on your own site (in the files section), you need to use a plugin to be able to play them on site. For Elgg 1.8 such a plugin is currently not available. For Elgg 1.6 there was one: - but I don't think this will still work out-of-the-box (if it ever did as the version number is 0.1). From reading the description I think this plugin works like the zaudio plugin. So, you might be able to get a video player plugin working for Elgg 1.8 using both the current zaudio plugin bundled with Elgg 1.8 and this video plugin as starting point.

  • Or you might try out this plugin:

    It's for Elgg 1.8 and the description says it can be used to play videos from the files section.

  • I have already tried above plugin. They are good for video/mp3 but my mail problem is flash file.. I am not able to play it . Is there any way to play flash files.

  • The Nubesco plugin seems to work with FLV files. I just tried it and it played an FLV file on site. You need to select the flowplayer as player in the plugin settings for it to work. If it does not work for you, you could ask the developer of the Nubesco plugin why it might not work. Or try to write a better plugin. What you would need to code is a plugin that is basically the same as the Nubesco plugin but uses a different player to work with the files you need it to work.

  • @ iionly thank. I need swf file (flash files) to be play in the blog\elgg. I have tried almost all video pluign they are working .. but they are not playing swf (flash file)