SMS Enabled Elgg

I am looking into sms-enabling Elgg sites..

This will address

  • SMS messaging out from Elgg
  • Elgg message receiving ( involves setting up an SMS server -- more code work)

Marcus Povey has already described Elgg's ability to do this.. but I do not intend to "compete" with CurveRider's services.

When I am finished the SMS PlugIn will be available for free to non-profit Elgg-sites.

  • need moare... tech details... gleb ;-)

  • This may be of some help, I have never had any dealings as such with an SMS system but this guy has


    Maybe of some help


  • @GlebL

    Needs to come back and post  a more detailed "user" perspective than "I am very intersted in this, too!..."


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    7 days ago

    I hope your brains finds an answer,,, this is a must have for elgg,,,, I only wish I had the brains to add to such a project....  but build it and I would think members would be willing to $upport it ( and you$$)

    I have played with working web-based SMS PlugIns since 1998 ;-) but remember what I have said "...When I am finished the SMS PlugIn will be available for free to non-profit Elgg-sites."

    I am not really looking for $support after I build this.. Anyone is welcome so get in touch if they have a commercially based prepositions. But I am not too open to any more paid clients right now though.. I'm way too-overloaded.

    What I find "depressing" is that nobody has ever actually posted and offered real $$$'s for any particular project or PlugIn. They usually say "This would be great...".. but never ask how many hours of work might be involved -- 1 hr, 5 hrs, 10 hrs, 100 hrs.. but they will still hang around the groups waiting for a neat Free PlugIn that they can use to use to make money from their websites. Me ? I don't even have a real live Elgg site from which to make $$ LOL ;-)

    The only real kind kind of support I have wanted to see has been => When I see a PlugIn with 800 downloads --  I ask that everyone sends that PlugIn Author $1 each, that's all... really cheap !!!


  • I would like to hear a user perspective on this also. How would sms help? will it compete or compliment the wire or the profile/group messageboards or twitter service? It's nice that elgg is gaining features; vanilla forums (Nice work), chat (very promising) but there seems to be too much, already got discussions in the groups and messages built in. Elgg defiantly don't lack ways of communicating, but finding where you had said something can be a chore.


    I do think that groups should be able to have their own twitter accounts. would be nice if it could be a listing under your site, like this:


    And site announcements and all the public wire posts should be tweeted/twittered/chirped out to the main account

  • If SMS was able to mimic what the twitter service does. and allow you the option to just send an SMS to a user that would make it very useful. A user can then either have it sent to twitter or their phone or both.

  • That's the easy(ier)  part ;-)

    PlZ define /describe

    what data ? needs to be  sent out via SMS from Elgg


  • if someone leaves a message on my messageboard on my profile, Now I have to go to my/their profile to see it. Or I have to go to the wire to see one there. if I have twitter and/or SMS setup. it should forward their message to my twitter account. so I can get it on the road and reply to it. If they have a twitter/sms setup, my reply would be pushed to them. Otherwise if they don't have either account they have to come back to the site. then replace the wire with this setup. it will all depend on what service the user sets up. twitter, sms, or site.

    each user can decide where the messages are sent in their settings and who can view them. post to wire, post to profile, and/or post to group wire (messageboard). Or define each messages access settings before posting it. private, public, site, and/or group

    Really, I don't know what to do. I just think the many different way of communication are getting increasingly confusing to members. 

  • I do like the sms as a companion to twitter. They both can do about the same. but more people have SMS as of now. if you do a reply SMS, the site can send it to either twitter or SMS, depends on what the other users have setup.