Dislike error in facebook_theme

Hi, I have added the dislike plugin and when I try to remove the dislike (that I disliked before), I get the error: "There was a problem removing your dislike". I have tried to follow the suggestions in http://community.elgg.org/plugins/723329/1.3/facebook-theme?annoff=150, but they did not solve it. I made a copy of the like folder in facebook_theme/views/default and changed all likes to dislikes. I also duplicated all codes regarding "like" in facebook_them/start.php and renamed each instance of "like" to "dislike", but, of course (noobie "solution"), the problem is still there. Can someone solve this for good? Thanks :). 

  • I just found found out it has nothing to do with the facebook_theme plugin as the problem still exists even in another custom theme. It must be coming from the dislike plugin, which was done by simply replacing the "like" occurrences of the like plugin with "dislike". I'm looking at the codes of the like and dislike plugins to try to figure it out, but in the meantime, if anyone finds the culprit, let me know. 

  • I'm almost there. The problem MUST lie in "annotation_id={$dislike->id}" on line 32 of mod/dislikes/views/default/annotation/dislikes.php. I'm also comparing mod/likes/actions/likes/delete.php and mod/dislikes/actions/dislikes/delete.php.