Activity page > new tab idea > membership groups

Members can see their own activity, their friends acitivity, and the whole networks activity. 

Their own activity is great for finding ones own actions.

Friends are the 'facebook' element which is great and what people expect today.

The whole network is a great way to see what is moving in the entire community


But what about the activity from the groups where they are members off, which is the content they are actually interested in?

Any thoughts ?

  • Yes, that's the basic code to output the activity for groups you are a member of - but you need to wrap that in a page, and have it in the context of the 'activity', and some way to navigate there - presumably a tab

  • i made a plugin to resolve this issue in elgg 1.7 - there is a dropdown selector added to the river activity filter selector area that lists all groups you are a member of. the river is updated to view only data for that group when you choose a group in the list.

    matt's code, as far as i am aware, produces the same output as choosing show groups in the existing river dropdown in elgg core - except it will appear in the location you add it to, rather than in the default river.

    i am also interested to extend these features in 1.8..
    what i'm looking for really is a way to duplicate what i did in 1.7 but with simpler code.. i think the code matt has shared here inspires me to look again as i didn't know elggs structures well when i wrote the 1.7 plugin.



  • You are giving me hope Ura ! :)

    And thanks Matt. Your code seems to have set things in motion.