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Members can see their own activity, their friends acitivity, and the whole networks activity. 

Their own activity is great for finding ones own actions.

Friends are the 'facebook' element which is great and what people expect today.

The whole network is a great way to see what is moving in the entire community


But what about the activity from the groups where they are members off, which is the content they are actually interested in?

Any thoughts ?

  • What I actually wanted to ask, is if anyone has an idea about if this would be doable. I'm assuming it's a lot more than just a few extra lines of code / hack.

  • Groups have their own activity pages in the group, if you want people to be able to choose select groups to have their own tabs in the activity page look for my AU Activity Tabs plugin

    If that's not exactly what you want, rest assured that what you want is at least doable :)

  • Say you join my Elgg site and become a member of 7 groups that you find interesting, out of 74 groups. Now you go to the activity page and there's a tab called 'Groups', when you click it you will see only activity from these groups.

    So it's a tab that shows the activity of the groups you are a member of. And thus it's a very cool way to get the activities based on content. A new way to keep tracks on the activity you care about on an Elgg site.

    What do you think Matt?

  • If it's a single tab for a combined activity of all your groups, my plugin won't do that.  But it is easy to do.

    $user = elgg_get_logged_in_user_entity();

    if ($user) {

      $groups = $user->getGroups('', false);

      $group_guids = array();

      foreach ($groups as $group) {

       $group_guids[] = $group->getGUID();



      $guids_in = implode(',', array_unique(array_filter($group_guids)));

      echo elgg_list_river(array(

        'joins' => array("JOIN {$db_prefix}entities e ON e.guid = rv.object_guid"),

        'wheres' => array("e.container_guid IN({$guids_in})")



  • I use my Elgg in a different way. It's only possible to add content to groups, not on profiles or any other place. So a tab that shows all activity in groups, on my Elgg site is the same as the 'All' tab.

    No, what I mean is a tab that only shows the activity from the groups you are a member of, Not all groups on the site. So just like the 'Friends' tab only shows you activity from your friends, the 'Groups' tab would only show activity from the groups you are a member of.

    Sorry if it sounds confusing.

  • That's exactly what my code snippet does

  • OMG ! Then I didn't understand you right. I'm telling you right now if this works I'm gonna jump up and down here.

    And then comes the noob question: where do I add this code? elgg > ..... > ..... > ......php

  • That's the trick though isn't it?  Everyone always wants directions to 'that php file' where they can cut and paste.  There is no 'that php file', you need to create a new elgg page, and add a tab in the navigation.  Look at my plugin for how to do that.

  • For some reason I overlooked your AU Activity Tabs further above. Sorry :)

    I'm on the hunt, for the most important update to my Elgg. I can't tell you how excited I am and grateful. Thanks so much Matt.

  • Oh now I get it. The code you pasted here in this thread is a modification to create a tab with combined activity for all membership groups?