Custom activity tab or widget


I have several groups supervised by one person, so I need a tab where I can pool all the activity of these groups. May be valid also a widget or similar. The supervisor user is the owner of this groups. Any suggestion for this requirement?


  • Use elgg_list_entities() and pass 'container_guids' => $guids_of_groups_the_user_admins

  • Thank you Brett but I'm not a developer so I don't understand your advice... I'm looking for a plugin or solution to group the activity of N groups in a profile widget for example. My site have some groups supervisors, so this widget should be configured by the site admin for each supervisor.

    This is a possible approach, but is valid anyone who obtain similar results: Group the activity of some groups to a user

  • Moving this to general discussion since it's not technical.

    I don't know plugins offhand that will do this.