plug ins say i have to log in

linglee frawork and other plug ins arnt working something about loging in i dont understnad why this is happing i dont have access to plug ins for somme reason also drop down menu isnt working non of my plug ins are working i went out and bought a bunch of ink and went and printed out as much of the docs i coud and read a night and day i aso printed out info on php etc.. i have a box fu of paper stapled together trying to learn why this is happeing pllease soebody be kind and help me out

  • Well, you could start by explaining in detail what you're talking about... maybe let us know what it is you're doing?  What error messages you're getting?  Anything useful...

  • My advice: start slowly, one plugin at a time. If you install several new plugins at once you might not know what exactly is causing the problems. In case of liang lee's plugins you also need his framework plugin in any case. Without the framework plugin the other plugins won't work. Make sure you use the latest version.

    If you test one plugin at a time and still have problems with the plugin you are currently testing, you can also ask more specific questions. Best would be to post on the corresponding plugin page - and if you haven't done yet read the comments already posted there. If you post on the plugin page, it's more likely that other users who use the same plugin might see you posting and help you - and of course the plugin developer will notice your posting there easier, too.

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