Using 'Anchor' on Elgg (wiki) pages

Wikipedia uses the Anchor feature where you can click a link and you jump further down the page.

This would be a very nice feature in an already very nice wiki page feature we have in Elgg.

Is there a way to still use the anchor feature ?

  • Use advlink plugin in TinyMCE for it. There is Anchor list feature

  • Awesome!

    I'm a little confused about how to install. They seem to both talk about placing something in a directory (but which file?), and I also get the impression I have to copy paste some php code. What am I missing?

    1. Installation Instructions Copy the advlink directory to the plugins directory of TinyMCE (/jscripts/tiny_mce/plugins).
    2. Add plugin to TinyMCE plugin option list example: plugins : "advlink".


    advlink_styles This option should contain a semicolon separated list of class titles and class names linked by equal signs. The titles are the ones that get presented to the user in the styles drop down list and the class names are the classes that get inserted.

    Initialization Example

    : "advanced",
    : "textareas",
    : "advlink"
  • can anyone help me understand how to install this?

  • i have never installed this..

    from what you wrote, i gather that you need to:

    1. download the advlink plugin and copy it to the tinymce plugin in elgg - in the plugin directory inside the tinymce plugin folder structure.

    2. edit: tinymce->views->default->js->tinymce.php to include the codes you linked in the blue box.. about halfway down that file is the init sequence that is used to setup tinymce in elgg..

    beyond that.. i don't know.

  • Yes that's how it looks to me too, but I must be stupid or something because I can't find the file I'm supposed to download?

    I realise I completely forgot to add the link: 

  • @BrianF: there's no need to download anything. The tinymce plugin bundled with Elgg contains the advlink tinymce plugin already. The only thing you need to do is to include this plugin in the list of tinymce plugins that get loaded when the editor get initiated (tinymce/views/default/js/tinymce.php):

    plugins : "lists,spellchecker,autosave,fullscreen,paste",


    plugins : "lists,spellchecker,autosave,fullscreen,paste,advlink",

  • iionly to the rescue ! :)

    I am using the extended_tinymce plugin. I added advlink so it now reads:

    plugins : "lists,autosave,fullscreen,style,table,advhr,advimage,emotions,inlinepopups,preview,media,searchreplace,contextmenu,paste,directionality,noneditable,visualchars,nonbreaking,xhtmlxtras,advlink", 

    I flushed the content, and hit upgrade, but it's still not added. Any ideas?

  • I'm stil not having any success installing this (cool) plugin in the extended_tinymce plugin.

  • There won't be any new buttons when you include the advlink plugin in the tinymce init in extended_tinymce.php. Instead the normal Insert/Edit link button will open a dialog box with 4 tabs instead of only 1. Within the link edit option you can configure much more things. Though I have no idea how exactly you would define an anchor link. I guess you need to test this out on your own.