How to add select language in login form


my site is multilingual and I want the user select his language when he wants to login, Is there possible?

  • Hey. my site is multilingual also, every country is welcome. Would be very good to be able to have a geo script that detects their default language when the page is loaded automatically, but also a pull down menu to select language in the corner would be awesome with a small flag by the language.

    I am hoping someone can create a plugin one day with all kinds of language packs included and a way for the end-user to be able to select a desired one from a menu, this would be super.

  • possible? yes
    this topic is kinda several years old
    i had coded some language funkyness
    for purus' french learning elgg-site ~1 yr back
    and then promptly lost all the code ;o(
    no idea where that code hides @now but it did all
    yr language detect stuff and all ther cwapzrz too!

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