I think that the base instillation of Elgg should include an advanced forums plugin as part of its base. There are groups, blogs, pages, members, and so on ... but, surprise, no forums! 


This is an absolute essential need for any social community based website.  A plugin developed by Elgg should be packaged with the next version. 


What do you think?

  • By Dan 2 hours ago

    I'm like you Jeff, while I want better forum features, I don't want to give up profiles.

    Yeah, we need a myBB bridge plugin! 

  • Either that (I questioned about SSO with MyBB or phpBB) or just some of the most useful basic forum features built into the Elgg like threaded topics / discussions. One of the issues with doing that could be look and feel. The advantages are moderators and all of the other functions that either of them has.

    The ability to reply to an individual post versus the last one in the thread.

    The ability to quote text from the message that is being replied to.

    If they were going to go the route of a bridge they should probably pick either MyBB or phpBB and not try to do both of them.

    I even mentioned that the developers of either MyBB or phpBB might work together will Elgg on the idea since it would allow them to add social networking features to their forum software. There are a lot of car manufactures that have engines in them made by other companies. Unless it has changed, the Ford Focus has a Mazda engine in it.

  • The ThinkS. forum plugin is a inspiration not a solution:)

  • Just wondering, what is the motivation for forum integration. Is there an example of successful social network website with forum section? Facebook, twitter and the other popular SN websites I know about, don't use site-wide forum.

  • Not all Elgg or communities would need or want forum integration. Communities that are more discussion based would want it. I have four Elgg installations, currently for only one or maybe two of them would an integrated forum would be used.

    Facebook it just a hodge podge of stuff that people post with pictures, videos, chat and playing games etc. Twitter is for 140 character postings, no real need for a forum there either.The Elgg community here would, I feel, benefit from having a better forum for discussion. Many sites use forums for discussion and support of their products.

  • I've been planning to move discussions from groups plugin into its own independent plugin. This is not backwards compatible, so I cannot do it until Elgg 2.0.0.

  • @Juho, Does that mean groups would not be able to have their own discussions within only their group?

  • It would work just like the other tools (e.g. blog). You would be able to use forum regardless if the groups plugin is enabled. However in order to see the group setting "Enable discussions" you'd need to have the forum plugin enabled.