I need help installing elgg!!!

Hi community,

I'm trying to install elgg on my mac and I've no clue how to carry out some of the instructions on the installation guide provided at http://docs.elgg.org/wiki/Installation. I'm completely new at this, so i apologize for not knowing a lot of this stuff. I'm stuck at the 2nd bullet point under "Upload Elgg". I also need help on creating a data folder for elgg on #2. 

Anyone can walk me through on how to set up elgg on my Mac? I'd greatly appreciate the help! 

If someone can upload video tutorials on the installation process, it'll be even better for me and other new members to follow! 

Thanks for your help!


  • Do you have XAMPP installed in your mac?

    Rodolfo Hernandez

    Arvixe/Elgg Community Liaison

  • Hi!

    I have MAMP installed. Is it better to use XAMPP instead?

    Also I'm using my own computer as the server because I don't plan to have a hosting provider yet. 

    Right now I can acess localhost from my browser and got all the way to step 4 "Configure Site". But I don't know how to create a data directory, or what my site email address is. 

  • Uses anything for your site email address.  It's the address that the site will send emails from, though chances are it won't work on a local installation like that unless you've done some additional configuration of the server specifically for it and sorted out things with your ISP.


    Creating a data directory is simply creating a directory, or folder, that's not the same path as your elgg installation.  It can be adjacent, which is what I usually do.


    path: /var/www/html/elgg/

    data: /var/www/html/elggdata/

  • Maybe this is a little bit late, but just for future reference if someone else bump into the same problem:

    considering your MAMP is install in Application folder, so the full path will be  /Applications/MAMP/ and your elggsite path is /Applications/MAMP/htdocs/. If not sure, run: pwd in your terminal

    You can create your data folder under MAMP folder, so the full path will be: /Applications/MAMP/data 

    note: don't forget to change permission on the data folder